Sunday, September 04, 2005


Adam Allen Berry Waves "Hello"

Will you help Chubby find his Checkers before Fats finds his Dominos? Were you responsible for sending Freddie Fender on that three day bender?

A.A. Berry may be serious about this. Please see his post: "Serious Bees Nest" on the Dragonflys Dream Web site for some wonderful poetry. .. And a curious item on E-Bay.


The Prolific Scott Thomas Provides Help in Containing the Robot

Here is a "Robot Containment Vessel" from Scott Thomas. The box is decorated on all sides and has stickers on the inside lid. Also in the containment vessel was this "Natural Goth Health Care Product". I really admire Scott's talent and imagination. I wish I had something more than postcards to send in return.

You can see some of Scott's other contributions in this blog: The "Kinetically Actuated, Spin Stabilized AirFoil" and the mesages from "Rita Roswell".


Suzlee Ibrahim's Contribution to the "Rage Against the Robot" call.

I love the cards by Suzlee I have seen on others' mail art blogs. Now I have one. Thanks Suzlee!

Saturday, September 03, 2005


Tofa -Business Reply Mail envelope


Zappa from Carmen Kofed

Love Zappa. Love the anti-war message on the back. Couldn't agree more with either message.
Thanks Carmen.


Nettie Palmieri from Postcard X

This is number one of 10 collage photo prints by Nettie Palmieri.


Angel Post from Vycki Angel


Rage Against the Robot

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